Internal Auditor

​The Internal Audit Department is responsible for performing ongoing evaluations of the County's internal control structure with respect to financial systems and processes. The office performs internal audits of County departments which are based on a risk-based audit plan. Additionally, the Office provides technical expertise to County departments regarding best practices for accounting processes and internal control structures. The department is also responsible for overseeing the Spartanburg County Fraud and Ethics Hotline, an anonymous, third-party hotline that provides County employees a mechanism for reporting potential fraud or abuse.

Mission Statement
The Internal Audit Department's primary mission is to ensure that strong systems of internal control exist in all Spartanburg County financial systems and processes for the purpose of maintaining accountability of public funds and to minimize potential for fraudulent activity in such funds.
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Spartanburg County Fraud and Ethics Hotline
The County maintains an anonymous, 24-hour hotline for individuals to report potentially fraudulent and/or unethical behavior. The hotline is managed by an independent third party. Individuals that call the hotline can choose to remain anonymous. Each incident that is reported to the hotline is investigated and appropriate action is taken if necessary. Spartanburg County's dedicated toll-free number to reach the hotline is 866-614-0556.