Solid Waste

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Mission Statement
The Spartanburg County Solid Waste Department provides services for recycling and disposal of solid waste in order to help protect the environment and human health of Spartanburg County. The County operates and maintains a wood chipping and grinding facility, a Class Two (Construction, Demolition, and Land Clearing Debris) Landfill, and a Class Three (Municipal Solid Waste) Landfill at the Wellford Landfill Facility. The County also provides seventeen recycling/collection centers and one drop-off recycling location.


Please be advised that we are making operational changes at our Wellford Recycling Convenience Center, Station 16, and these changes may include citizens being asked for proof of residence, traffic forming a double line coming into the site to reduce back-up on the main road, and other changes to help our center operate optimally. Our site attendants are present to answer any questions and to guide you through the process as you notice these changes taking place. Thank you for your cooperation during this transition.