Geographic Information Systems

The Geographic Information System (GIS) Department provides support to multiple departments in the creation, maintenance and display of information. GIS maintains digital parcels, road centerlines and other information to assist County staff in performing their jobs with accuracy and efficiency.  GIS works directly with the public to assign addresses and provide products such as maps, digital information and website capabilities.  GIS assigns structure addresses to plats and subdivisions as part of the land development process and to facilitate issuance of building permits.  GIS maintains and updates addresses/streets and acts as the interface with INTRADO to keep the Spartanburg County 911 database current and accurate.

Please direct questions on specific land records or developments to the Assessor or Planning and Development departments.

Charges associated with Mapping Products and Ordering Instructions

If you would like to order data or have any questions about the data package please use email address below:

Mapping Programs
Onemap Parcel Pop-up