During a time of disaster or even extreme cold, the CERT shelter team will either assist the Red Cross with county sheltering needs and/or open up one of our own pet friendly shelters. Please note, all pets are sheltered in a separate location with minimal to no involvement from our volunteers. Owners are escorted to our pet shelter area and are responsible for placing their animal in the correct boarding environment (kennel). During a shelter activation, we have trained Disaster Animal Response Team members assist with animal sheltering, our Ham Radio Operators assist with communications to the EOC (if needed) while our shelter volunteers address other sheltering duties. While we have always assisted with sheltering, we made it a part of our program when we decided to offer cold weather shelters and co person/pet sheltering.

Since CERT began, we have assisted with the following shelter assignments:
1. March 2-3, 2009 - Assisted Red Cross with Sheltering
2. February 22, 2012 - Assist Red Cross with Sheltering
3. January 6-7, 2014 - Cold Weather Shelter - Pet Friendly
4. February 12-13, 2014 - Winter Storm Shelter - Pet Friendly
5. February 18-19, 2014 - Cold Weather Shelter - Pet Friendly

Since we have now officially incorporated sheltering into a service we offer, purchased 3 (and counting) shelter kits, shelter trailer, and our DART trailer to assist with Pet Response, Pet Friendly sheltering has become one of the many things we offer our volunteers training in should they wish to assist.