Solicitor's Award

The Solicitor's Award is presented annually to a police officer in Spartanburg and Cherokee counties who routinely goes beyond the call of duty to keep the criminal justice system moving forward. Committees of officers in each county nominate and name the winner. The award is presented at our law enforcement appreciation dinners in each county.
Cherokee County Spartanburg County
Kenon Parnell
Larry Powers 
 2019  Kenon Parnell  Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office
 2019  Larry Powers  Sheriff's Office
 2018  Jeffrey Babb-Wright  South Carolina Highway Patrol
 2018  Chris Taylor  Spartanburg Public Safety Department
2017 Aaron Bowles Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office
2017 Christina Morgan
Spartanburg Public Safety Department
2016 Ken Kyzer Gaffney Police Department
Len Elder
South Carolina Highway Patrol
2015 Ted Suppiger Sheriff's Office 2015 Doug Smith Sheriff's Office
2014 David Owens Sheriff's Office 2014 Darrell Dawkins Woodruff Police Department
2013 Chris Skinner Gaffney Police Department 2013 Kevin G Ellis South Carolina Highway Patrol
2012 Brian Allison South Carolina Highway Patrol 2012 Mitch Taylor Sheriff's Office
2011 Billy Anthony Sheriff's Office 2011 John Burgess Spartanburg Public Safety Department
2010 Harvey Owens Sheriff's Office 2010 Ryan Elrod South Carolina Highway Patrol
2009 Brian Mullinax Sheriff's Office 2009 Tim Suber Spartanburg Public Safety Department
2008 Bobby Joe Albert South Carolina Highway Patrol 2008 Darren Dukes Sheriff's Office
2007 Billy Odom Gaffney Police Department 2007 Tobey Bradley Spartanburg Public Safety
2006 Jimmy Henson Sheriff's Office 2006 Brian Bryan
Nate Cantrell
Sheriff's Office
2005 Kevin Parker Gaffney Police Department 2005 Randy Bogan Sheriff's Office
2004 Todd Parker Sheriff's Office 2004 Ashley Harris Sheriff's Office
2003 John McCraw South Carolina Department
of Natural Resources
2003 David Councilman Spartanburg Public Safety Department
2002 Steve Mueller South Carolina Highway Patrol 2002 Neal Urch Sheriff's Office
2001 Mike Fowlkes Sheriff's Office