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Through education and accountability, reduce the number of repetitive false alarms, thereby improving the effectiveness of our law enforcement services and maximizing resources made available to the public. 

What is a False Alarm? 
A false alarm is any signal or communication generated by or from an alarm system which prompts a response by emergency services in the County and outside any city limits and after an investigation reveals there is no indication of an emergency which would require the need for immediate assistance. Alarms which are cancelled before emergency personnel arrive are not considered a false alarm. 

About the Ordinance 
The False Alarm Ordinance became effective July 1, 2010. This “new and improved” ordinance was adopted by Spartanburg County Council in their continuing efforts with Sheriff Chuck Wright to decrease the number of false alarms in the unincorporated areas of the County. The new ordinance replaced a previously repealed ordinance and was designed to be less restrictive while still achieving results. 

How the Ordinance Works 
The Ordinance requires the registration of all burglar alarm systems and tracking of all false alarms. Registrations are required to assist law enforcement personnel in determining the exact location of an alarm, any special conditions that may exist, and the names of individuals who alarm users authorize to respond to the location in case of emergency. An alarm that is responded to by law enforcement personnel which is not registered will be fined for failure to register the alarm. All registrations expire on December 31 of each calendar year and require annual renewal prior to this date. 

Every alarm user is allowed two “free” false alarms in any calendar year. Each subsequent false alarm occurring during that calendar year will have a progressive charge associated with it according to the table below: 
  • First and Second false alarm - No charge
  • Third, fourth and fifth false alarm - $50.00 per event
  • Sixth and seventh false alarm - $100.00 per event
  • Eight and ninth false alarm - $250.00 per event
  • Tenth and over false alarms - $500.00 per event
  • Failure to Register - $100.00 
Registration Renewal 
All registrations expire on December 31 and must be renewed prior to expiration in order to ensure that all information is routinely updated for emergency responders. The Renewal period is open from November 15th – December 31st. On or about November 15th, notification will be sent by letter or e-mail (if this is the designated contact preference) to all registered users outlining the renewal process. Registration renewals can be submitted online using the link at the top of this page. Renewals may also be accepted by phone using the number below: 
Renewals and non-billing related questions  – 864-596-2727

Additional Information and Resources 
Additional information and resources regarding the False Alarm ordinance and its requirements are provided below. If you have any questions regarding the registration & renewal process, or any other requirements of the ordinance, please feel free to contact a False Alarm Coordinator at 864-596-2727.