South Carolina Freedom of Information Act Request

The General Assembly finds that it is vital in a democratic society that public business be performed in an open and public manner so that citizens shall be advised of the performance of public officials and of the decisions that are reached in public activity and in the formulation of public policy. Toward this end, provisions of this chapter must be construed so as to make it possible for citizens, or their representatives, to learn and report fully the activities of their public officials at a minimum cost or delay to the persons seeking access to public documents or meetings. (South Carolina Freedom of Information Act Request – South Carolina Code Annotated §30-4-15)

The South Carolina Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) provides public access to meetings and records of a public body with certain limited exceptions. For most records, FOIA requires a written request to be delivered to the County Administration or County Department. Requests may be made by letter or by using the County’s Freedom of Information Act request form (accessed through the link below). Requests can be made directly to all County departments and agencies. Additionally, requests can be sent to the County Administration via fax (864-596-2232), mail (County Administration, ATTN: FOIA, PO Box 5666, Spartanburg, SC 29304), hand delivery (Suite 1000, County Administration Building, 366 N. Church Street, Spartanburg, SC) or via e-mail to

In order to obtain information you must be able to provide a reasonable description of the public records you are seeking. In accordance with South Carolina FOIA, Spartanburg County charges a fee for the cost of searching and/or making copies of records which is based upon the time spent researching and gathering and the hourly rate of the person most qualified to perform the research and gathering in the department or departments where responsive documents are maintained. You will find the County Departments and those hourly rates below.  The County also charges a cost for copies as allowed by South Carolina FOIA which does not exceed the prevailing commercial rate and which is also listed below.  When you have completed and submitted the form, a written response will be mailed to you within ten (10) business days from the date of receipt for records requested which are less than twenty-four (24) months old and within twenty (20) days for records requested which are more than twenty-four (24) months old in accordance with South Carolina FOIA.  The response will advise of the County’s determination and the reasons therefore. Provided documents responsive to the request are available and not subject to an exemption, a deposit  in the amount of twenty-five (25%) percent of the total cost of the request will be included in the County’s written response. Upon payment of the deposit, requestor will be notified of receipt of the deposit and the remaining amount due.  Records will be made available to the requestor within thirty (30) days of the receipt of the deposit for those records less than twenty-four (24) months old and within thirty –five (35) days of the receipt of the deposit for those records older than twenty-four (24) months old provided the remaining costs are paid/received by the County on the thirtieth (30) or thirty-fifth (35) day. 

If this request is specifically for 911  information, please be advised that the above information applies to those requests and that requestors may refer to the Communications/911 FOIA Request page for additional information

FOIA Request Form
Public Portal

County Department Rates Per Hour For Research and Gathering and Copies

Department Hourly Rate
Assessor $ 25.83
Auditor $ 34.30
Budget Management $ 38.17
Building Codes $ 17.47
Clerk of Court $ 25.77
Communications 911 $ 37.55
Community Development $ 21.84
Coroner $ 30.70
County Administration $ 24.85
County Council $ 38.57
Delegation $ 25.20
Detention Facility $ 23.01
Emergency Services Academy $ 37.02
Emergency Management $ 39.45
Environmental Enforcement (Animal) $ 22.44
Environmental Enforcement (Property) $ 16.18
Facilities Maintenance $ 26.60
Finance $ 33.30
Fire Marshall $ 29.78
Fleet Maintenance $ 18.85
GIS $ 25.53
Human Resources $ 22.33
Information Technologies $ 25.83
Internal Auditor $ 25.04
Magistrate Court $ 24.08
Mail Services` $ 22.92
Master-In-Equity $ 23.36
Parks and Recreation $ 18.92
Planning and Development $ 21.11
Probate Court $ 36.97
Public Defender $ 30.53
Public Works $ 22.38
Purchasing $ 42.66
Register of Deeds $ 35.39
Registrations and Elections $ 42.26
Records Management $ 22.71
Sheriff's Office $ 38.98 - Requests to Administration
$ 32.00 - Requests to PIO
$ 46.17 - Requests for Personnel Files
Solicitor's Office $ 36.18
Solid Waste $ 26.46
Tax Collector $ 23.62
Treasurer $ 25.76
Trinity Fire Department $ 37.02
Veteran's Affairs $ 29.13

Actual costs will also be charged as follows: $.20 cents per page (black and white)/ $.35 cents per page (color); Facsimile $1.00 per page; CD $1.00 each CD; and US Postage at the current US Postal rate charges.