Zoning in Spartanburg County

Spartanburg County is currently operating under two zoning ordinances—the Performance Zoning Ordinance in the Southwest Planning Area and the Unified Land Management Ordinance in the remainder of the County.  The sign regulations located in the Performance Zoning Ordinance apply to the entire unincorporated area of the County, as do the non-residential architectural design standards (only on Arterial and Collector streets throughout the County’s jurisdiction).  There are several Appearance Corridors that have been assigned across the County, and these are found in the Performance Zoning Ordinance, as well.

Neither ordinance assigns zoning classifications (such as residential, commercial, etc.) at the parcel level as do most traditional (or Euclidean) zoning ordinances. The following maps show the areas where each ordinance is in effect. The Interactive Zoning Map may be accessed at this link: 

Interactive Zoning Map 


Helpful information and Zoning Links

Unified Land Management Ordinance

Printable Forms:

ULMO Information:

  • Table 2 (Information Required to Support Application)
  • Table 3a (Residential - Setbacks and Other Requirements)
  • Table 3b (Setbacks and Other Requirements)

  Interested in adding additional structures to your property?


It is recommended that anytime a property owner is considering the addition of a structure to their property, they contact the Planning and Development first. In some cases, the structure may only need the proper permits from the Building Codes Department prior to that structure being built or set up on the property (ex.personal use utility buildings). However, confirming no prior approvals are needed from the Planning and Development Department before any action is taken by the property owner, could save the property owner unforeseen expenses. 

The addition of a second residential structure may be permitted on a single lot, provided the two Residential Detached dwellings, including Manufactured Homes, or any combination of two such dwellings, may be established on a single lot or parcel;  the dimensional requirements, such as road frontage (found in Subdivision Regulations Section 7.30) and setbacks (Performance Zoning Ordinance Chapter 3, Compatibility Standards, or Unified Land Management Ordinance, Table 3a) are met for both dwellings as if they were established on separate lots, and so arranged to ensure public street access in the event the property upon which the dwellings are located is subsequently subdivided for sale or transfer.

Second residential structures require prior approval and documentation of that approval before any addresses may be assigned to that structure and any building permits can be issued. 

Please contact the Planning and Development Department at 864-596-3570 to consult with Planning Staff regarding the addition of any structures to your property. 

Do you need zoning confirmation or verification of a property?


How to request a Zoning Verification Letter.

    Please register for your Citizen Self Service(CSS) account here: https://energovweb.spartanburgcounty.org/energov_prod/selfservice/#/home

    Refer to these helpful instructions for how to register for your account and how to apply for a zoning letter: ⦁    How to register for a CSS account  AND ⦁    How to apply for a zoning verification letter

    If you have more than one parcel, then you will need to submit a zoning letter request for each.  

    You may also complete the form below and add it as an attachment in your request (not required). Zoning Verification Letter Request  (Zoning Verification Letters does not grant any type of approval of existing use or change of activity.  A change of use may require a pre application conference meeting or Collaborative Development Review Meeting. Planning and Development Department permitting is required.)

For general questions, please email plandept@spartanburgcounty.org.

To obtain information under the South Carolina Freedom of Information Act, visit the Spartanburg County Freedom of Information Act  (FOIA) web page. 

Other pertinent information:

Public Works Department - Development Services / Storm Water Review 

Building Codes

Permit fees will vary depending on your project.  Contact the appropriate department for specific information or go online to find that department’s information.

A licensed general contractor may be required in accordance with State Law.

The Certificate of Occupancy will be issued once ALL final approvals are completed by applicable county departments.

Properties located within municipalities are not subject to site plan review by the Spartanburg County Planning and Development Department.