Collaborative Development Review Meeting

The Planning and Development Department offers Collaborative Development Review Meetings for prospective developers to discuss requirements for their projects. These meetings are designed to review Sketch Plans and explain the County’s development review process and assist applicants in the successful navigation of procedures and regulations. Each meeting will bring together relevant review agencies and County staff. Zoning, Subdivision, Floodplain Management, Storm Water, Roads, Architectural Design Standards, Signage, Landscape, Open Space, Land Development Management, Right-of-Way Encroachment, Building and Fire Codes, water service, and sewer service. The Planning and Development Department will coordinate with other County Departments and outside agencies to invite involved parties to attend the Collaborative Development Review Meeting.

Meeting times will be available weekly on Wednesday afternoons beginning at 2:00 pm in the Planning and Development Department. A Sketch Plan must be submitted for review by applicable agencies and departments by Monday of the previous week. There is no fee for this meeting. Developers will need to schedule a time with the Development Staff by emailing a request to or by calling 864-596-3570.

After the meeting, the applicant will be given correspondence regarding the status of the presented conceptual layout that includes comments from the attending departments/agencies.  Once the Sketch Plan meets the requirements of all applicable ordinances, the applicant will be given reasonable assurance that, barring any changes by him/her, the County will approve the Sketch Plan.

The Collaborative Development Review Meetings are also offered for applicants with Preliminary Plats and Site Plans, any time an applicant needs staff assistance. Applicants will receive a letter with comments given during the meeting. 

A complete submittal for this meeting includes the following: