Motions Docket Information

Contact Information:

Motions Docket Clerk: Megan Shropshier
Phone: 864-596-3875

The General Session Motion Docket in Spartanburg County is created by the Clerk of Court’s Office. You will find the details for our motions docket listed below. Please pay special attention to the rules created by our Chief Administration Judge for General Session.

If you would like to file a motion in general sessions, you have three options:

  1. You may file by email at this address: Motions, General; please copy Megan Shropshier at
  2. You may drop your motion in our drop-box located on Magnolia Street, directly in front of the building. Please make sure your motion is in an envelope clearly marked “GENERAL SESSIONS MOTIONS”
  3. You may bring your motion into our office for filing. Please note that temperature checks and proper use of face masks will be required prior to entry.

Please note that information on WebEx Hearings can be found under the “WebEx Hearing Information” link located at the menu to the left.

Per Chief Administrative Judge Mark Hayes, 

The General Sessions motions docket will be scheduled by the date of filing. The oldest will be heard first. The Clerk’s office will prepare a docket that will allot 10 minutes for each named defendant to hear the motion(s) related to the case. Allowing only 10 minutes for each motion will give the court enough time to hear approximately 36 motions. 

Therefore, 36 motions will be placed on a docket for a full day of motions. The 36 motions will be determined by the file date. Oldest being the first and newest being the last. The docket will be divided up into a morning session (#1-18) and afternoon session (#19-36). 

If a motion needs to be heard on an emergency bases, you will need to get approval from the Chief Administrative Judge before it will be added to the upcoming docket. 

A deadline for filing motions at this time will not be necessary. 

The Clerk will still prepare an unpublished docket no later than three o’ clock on Friday. Please check the docket Friday afternoons and provide changes or updates to Alaina Freeman by 12:00pm Monday. No motions will be added after 36 are placed on the docket by file date. 

The Clerk will publish a final docket no later than 3 o’ clock on Monday or the first day of the next term of court when motions will be heard and disseminate it to the parties who have pending motions thereon. 

If a motion is continued by the Court at the request of a party, both parties must agree to the term of court at which the motion will be heard and advise the Clerk immediately. 

If a party withdraws a motion, the motion must be re-filed and re-served to be heard later. 

Once the motions docket is published, it may not be changed without leave of the Chief Administrative Judge.

If you have any questions in regard to the motions docket, please contact Megan Shropshier at . As always, if you have further questions or concerns, you may contact the clerk directly at 

Priority I (Jury Terms)

  • Initial Bond Motions (only bailable in Circuit Court, murder, burglary 1st degree, CSC with minor)
  • Bond motions that were originally denied by the Magistrate and have not had a prior hearing in Circuit.
  • Emergency Bond Matters/ Revocations as approved by the Court in advance. 

Priority II (Jury Terms) 

  • Defendants who are in on HD violations and have not had a prior hearing to reinstate HD.
  • Defendants with active HD sentence; but who are in Jail on a HD violation from whom conversions of sentence is sought by the state. This includes associated contempt matters.     
  • Defendants in jail for whom bond revocation is sought by the state 
  • Defendants in jail on GS BW for failure to appears (Rescind BW)

Priority III (Non-Jury) 

  • Sureties seeking to be relieved on bond
  • Defendants who are not in jail for whom bond revocation is sought by the state 
  • Defendants in Jail seeking reconsideration (bond) 
  • Bond Reduction 
  • Amend HD Orders
  • Remove no contact provision 
  • Relieved as counsel 
  • Collect Non-Testimonial Evidence
  • Speedy Trials 

Pro Se Defendants for whom state is seeking bond revocation (Wednesday’s NJ week)