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  1. Feedback Form

    Give us feedback on an incident.

  2. Radio System Issue

    Report of Radio trouble on any radio system supported by Spartanburg County (e.g. UHF, VHF, 800mHZ)

  1. FOIA Request Form

    Form for requesting for information related to calls-for-service including audio and CAD data.

County Council

  1. Accommodations Tax Funding Application

    Application for Spartanburg County Accommodations Tax Funding

  2. Accommodations Tax Funding Final Report FY2020-2021

    FY 2020 - 2021 Spartanburg County Accommodations Tax Funding Final Report

  1. Accommodations Tax Funding Final Report FY2018-2019

    FY 2018 - 2019 Spartanburg County Accommodations Tax Funding Final Report

  2. Accommodations Tax Project Verification & Funding Agreement

Environmental Enforcement

  1. Adopt A Road Litter Pick-Up Report Form

    Adopt A Road - Litter Pick-up Report Form

  2. Report a possible Animal Control Violation

    Report violations concerning pets running at large, stray domesticated animals and cases of possible animal abuse.

  3. Request to foster livestock for Environmental Enforcement Department.

    Environmental Enforcement Department is looking for county citizens willing to foster farm animals which we encounter as being stray or... More…

  1. Report A Litter Violation

    To report any act of littering, please provide a good description of vehicle or person viewed littering. The date, time, and location... More…

  2. Report A Property Maintenance Issue

    To report an overgrown and or blighted property, or derelict vehicle within the unincorporated areas of Spartanburg County.

  3. Roadside Litter Removal Request

    Request the removal of litter from a Spartanburg County maintained road right of way. Spartanburg County roadways can be identified by... More…

HazMat Membership

  1. CERT Membership Form

    The Spartanburg County CERT Team is always looking train citizens throughout the year. If you have any interest in CERT and would like... More…

  1. HazMat Membership Form

    The Spartanburg County HazMat Team is always looking for adding new members as the need arises. Depending on your qualifications,... More…

Legal Residence Exemption Fraud

  1. Legal Residence Exemption Fraud

    To report anyone who is claiming the legal resident (4%) exemption on a property that he or she is not entitled to.

Public Works Roads and Bridges

  1. Damage Claim Request Form

    A damage claim to a vehicle resulting from a County maintained road issue.

  2. Maintenance Work Request
  1. Driveway Access Permit