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Application for Homestead Exemption

  1. Applicant's Name, Address and Information
  2. If property is jointly owned, please complete the following:
  3. Spouse?
  4. If Co-Owner is spouse complete the following:
  5. Is this your permanent home?*
  6. Is this a mobile home?
  7. If property is held in Trust, Are you the beneficiary of Trust?
  8. Do you live in the city?
  9. Do you own other real estate?
  10. How long have you lived in South Carolina?
  11. Has property been or will it be leased or rented in the past year or during the year for which the Homestead is claimed?
  12. You are applying for Homestead based on
  13. I (we) do hereby certify under penalty of perjury that the above information is true and correct and that I (we) have been a resident of South Carolina for one year as of 31 December last, and that the above identified property is my permanent home and legal residence, and I am entitle to the Homestead Exemption: and further that I (we) have not applied for such exemption in any other county or state.
  14. Leave This Blank: