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Accommodations Tax Project Verification & Funding Agreement

  2. All organizations awarded a Spartanburg County Accommodations Tax Grant must complete this Verification and Funding Agreement prior to the release of funds.
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  5. 1. The grant will only be used to support activities outlined in my original application. 2. I will submit the required final report and other supporting documents within thirty (30) days of the project completion date, but not later than July 31s1 following the end of the funding cycle. I understand that failure to provide a complete final report, to include the supplemental information listed below, will result in a loss of funding for the following fiscal cycle regardless of whether an approval has already been granted for that cycle by Council. 3. If the project is not completed until after March 1 of the project year, a status report of the progress-to-date will be forwarded by March 1 to the Advisory Committee for review Future projects will not be funded until progress on pending projects is submitted for review by the Advisory Committee
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